First and foremost, this brand is a multifaceted portfolio project.

Grisaille Clothing was created in the Fall of 2017 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Its inception began with a set of questions:

- How can the feelings of nostalgia be visualized when these feelings are completely relative?
- How can the feelings of nostalgia be visualized without the imagery being entirely literal?
- How can the visuals tell a personal story while remaining general enough for others to relate to them?

Grisaille is an experimental brand that does not entirely associate itself with any specific category. This hybrid exists in the grey areas between categories. Its visuals exist in the grey areas between past and present, joy and longing.

— — | — —

Grisaille began as a project so I could challenge myself. I wanted to learn how to build a brand and have my hand in every part from design to production. I am a graphic designer and currently work in a T-shirt printing shop. As I build and invest in this brand, I am simultaneously building my portfolio in hopes of diving further into the clothing industry.

At the moment, this brand is very small scale. I am entirely hands on with all designs, printing, binding, photography, and so on. Because of this, Grisaille is very niche with hopes of expanding soon.

Thank you so much for your interest, and for establishing a solid foundation for this one-man operation. I hope you are able to see the progression in quality as I begin building my team. I could not do this without your continued support.

- Spencer Brown


Fall/Winter 2017-18

Spring/Summer 2018

Spring/Summer 2019

Kid Artex Collab
Spring/Summer 2019

Spring/Summer 2019