Q: How do I purchase items?
A: Visit www.grisailleclothing.bigcartel.com to purchase items from current collections. This site acts as an archive for the brand. Items can only be purchased on our Big Cartel site.

Q: Can I purchase items from past collections?
A: Each collection is a capsule of sorts. We do not plan on reproducing collections once the orders have been closed.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Not at this time, but we do plan on expanding to accommodate international orders.

Q: Why does my garment have a light residue on it?
A: Some of the pieces are printed using a DTG method which requires a pretreatment to be sprayed on the piece before the ink is added. This residue is water soluble and will completely come out after the first wash cycle.

Q: Can I iron the graphics on my garment?
A: No. Any area of your piece that has a printed graphic (including the sewn-on patches) cannot be ironed.

Q: What material are the patches?
A: The (larger) information patches are made from either a light 100% cotton fabric, or a heavy 100% cotton duck cloth. They are preshrunk and printed using a DTG method. The (smaller) logo patches generally found sewn to the waistband or cuff are made from polypropylene with a screen printed logo.

Q: How does your sizing work?
A: Our pieces are all unisex sizes unless otherwise noted and generally fit true to size.

Q: Why is there a waiting period between the date of purchase and the date of shipment?
A: Our pieces are produced on demand. We require some time to order product, print, and sew each piece.

Q: Why do you use a pre-order system?
A: Because we are a very small operation, we do not have the funds to produce large quantities of each piece in each size. To minimize the risk of having excess we only produce enough product to meet customer demands.

Q: Can I purchase the physical lookbooks?
A: The lookbooks are produced in very small batches and are bound by hand. We do not plan on listing them for purchase at this time.